The SUMMITS pilots have years of experience flying in the mountains. They will guide you professionally and safely. 


Private Airplanes

The Cessna Caravan, the aircraft used for the 3 SUMMITS and 5 SUMMITS flights, is a highly reliable turboprop plane with thousands built and used around the world. While airlines fill it with up to fourteen passengers, you will be at most one of only nine passengers, enjoying extra space and comfort. With a wingspan of 16 meters (52 feet), a 868 hp engine, modern navigation devices, and a cruising speed of 185 knots (343 km/h), it is the ideal airplane in which to experience the Alps in all their breath and beauty.

3 SUMMITS and 5 SUMMITS flights are organized in cooperation with ZellAir.


Your SOLO-SUMMITS flight is performed by a modern sporty two-seater aircraft. It allows you to sit in the front row next to your experienced pilot enjoying not only 360˚views but also gaining insight of the pilots maneuvers and his starting, landing and flying techniques. 

SOLO SUMMITS flights are organized in cooperation with  Flugschule Oberkofler.