We are all about you and your experience. You are not sharing the airplane with other passengers. You are the only passengers in our modern sports airplane and sit in the front row, next to our experienced pilot enjoying true 360˚views of Alpine meadows and majestic peaks.

Choose between two amazing options:

Impression -  Ideal as a quick treat if time is short, a taster to introduce someone special to these
impressive Alps or as part of a programme of events. Unforgettable panoramas of high peaks and deep valleys dotted with picturesque villages will leave a strong impression. Duration: 20 minutes                                                                   COSTS:  95

Experience -  The perfect option for a leisurely but mesmerizing highlight. Enjoy an eagle's perspective of green valleys, sparkling rivers and snow-capped mountains. Have time to appreciate this exceptional experience. Duration: 45 minutes                               COSTS: € 147


All flights commence and conclude at the Zell am See Airfield

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